Monday, May 19, 2008

Drinks at the Doheny

The drinks at the Doheny were, of course, of a rather high caliber. Upon entering, my friend and I were greeted with a couple of Jalisco Flowers (found below in the Partido section). I scrounged up a slightly more detailed recipe as well:


1/2 oz reposado tequila
3/4 oz St. Germain
1 oz ruby grapefruit juice
2 - 2 1/2 oz champagne or prosecco

Combine the tequila, St. Germain and grapefruit juice in a cocktail shaker with ice. Strain into a champagne flute. Top with champagne.

The tequila (possibly because it was reposado) was very well blended (no sharp agave, nor overly woody tastes). I must have been crazy though, because I could have sworn that the juice was at least partially pineapple. I guess I'll have to try more grapefruit/bubbly combinations. I've been wanting to try champagne with more varied juices in general, but now I'm intrigued about the grapefruit. The St. Germain seems to be a favorite of Vincenzo's (note its use in many of the other cocktails). He also seems to be quite enamored with ginger. But as long as he uses them well and stays with the freshly squeezed juices and promotion of the resurgence of bitters, I'm a big fan.

The event was a lecture on the history and basic concepts behind true cocktails and other alcoholic beverages. During the lecture, he created for each of those interested, a Pisco Sour and a Manhattan. The sour was mostly enjoyable to me simply because I had never tasted a Pisco before. The Manhattan, on the other hand, was quite tasty. In fact, it might just inspire me to soak my own cherries. The Doheny's were a little tastier than the store-bought jar I've been using. We'll see if this inspiration can help me overcome my laziness though.

After the lecture I also wanted to order a drink from the special menu prepared for the festivities. I went with the 10 Tangos (Rhum, Green Chartreuse, St Germain, orange bitters, egg white, and ginger beer). Quite a tasty treat. Perhaps even light enough for a laid back brunch. Regardless, an excellent variation on the sour.

For those interested, here's the entire drink menu made up for the week:



CORPSE REVIVER # 2 (Classic)
Plymouth Gin - fresh lemon juice - lillet bland - Cointreau

Plymouth - Carpano Antica - Fernet Branca

POSITANO (Vincenzo’s original)
Strawberry – Plymouth - Campari - fresh lemon juice - champagne

SPRING COLLINS (Vincenzo’s original)
Blackberries, mint leaves – Plymouth - Massanez Crème the Mure -fresh lemon juice - Pomegranate syrup - Bundaberg Ginger beer


Partida Reposado -fresh lime - agave nectar

EL DIABLO (Classic)
Partida Blanco - Massanez Crème de cassis - limejuice - Ginger Ale

JALISCO FLOWER (Vincenzo’s original)
Partida reposado - St Germain - fresh grapefruit juice - champagne

PANCIO VILLA (Vincenzo’s original)
Partida Anejo - Campari - Aperol - orange bitter


Sagatiba - lime - sugar

Sagatiba - fresh lemon juice - whole passion fruit

GISELLE (Vincenzo’s original)
Blackberries - mint - Sagatiba - Massenez Crème de Cassis - fresh lemon juice - homemade agave ginger syrup - Champagne

RIO (Vincenzo’s original)
Basil leaves – Sagatiba - Carpano Antica formula - limejuice -homemade agave-ginger syrup - pineapple juice


RATTLESNAKE (from Patrick Gavin Duffy 1940)
Makers Mark - fresh lemon juice - egg white - Pernod

Maker’s Mark - fresh limejuice - Carpano Formula Antica

DOWNTOWN SOUR (Vincenzo’s original)
Maker’s Mark - Marie Brizard Apry – homemade vanilla syrup - fresh lemon juice - egg white - Taylor 20 yrs Port

DIVA (Vincenzo’s original)
Maker’s Mark - Mozart Black Chocolate liqueur – Campari - orange bitter


PISCO SOUR (Classic)
Barsol Pisco - fresh lime – homemade simple syrup - egg white

BarSol Pisco - fresh lemon juice - Organic pineapple juice -soda

PERUVIAN PASO (Vincenzo’s original)
Barsol Pisco -St Germain - lemon juice - homemade agave-ginger syrup - egg white - organic Acai juice - Bundaberg Ginger beer

BELLA NICOLE (Vincenzo’s original)
Black seedless grape - basil leaves - Barsol Pisco - Marie brizar Apry - fresh lemon juice - home made Honey syrup


BEACHCOMBER (from Patrick Gavin Duffy 1940)
Depaz – Cointreau - fresh lime - Maraschino liqueur

SANTIAGO (Savoy cocktail book 1930)
Depaz - fresh lime - homemade grenadine

MARTINIQUE ROSE (Vincenzo’s original)
Depaz - Amaretto DiSaronno - fresh limejuice - almond syrup - fresh ruby grapefruit

10 TANGOS (Vincenzo’s original)
Depaz - Green Chartreuse - St Germain - orange bitter - egg white - Bundaberg Ginger beer


Thanks to the Museum of the American Cocktail for the above reproduction of the menu (I forgot to snag one on my way out -- with permission of course). Anyway, I've got a lot of new ingredients and recipes to try out and play around with. I trust that we all do.

Drink Well.

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