Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Alaskan Brewing Company

So, it's about time I write a little something about the cruise to Alaska and, of course, the booze involved. While our pub tour in Victoria was canceled, we did still get to thoroughly enjoy our trip to Alaskan Brewing Company in Juneau. We were encouraged to grab a sample beer (or our second) so that we could start the tour. I was also pleased that our guide gave an intermission during the tour specifically so we could refill our glasses.

In addition to all their mainstay brews (and the seasonal Summer Ale), we also were able to taste their coffee brown ale. That's right, a brown ale brewed up with a healthy dose of real coffee. While not a huge coffee fan, I am a brown ale fan. And having been disappointed previously by such travesties as raspberry brown ales, I was a little wary of the concept. I must say, though, that I was very pleasantly surprised, and I hope that this tasty brew will be available outside of Juneau, Alaska shortly. As a fan of mixology and beer, seeing craft breweries creating products like this makes me very happy. It's just sad that, not unlike other quality forms of booze, the demand (while growing) is still rather low. Still, if you're ever in the area, for whatever reason, stop on by the brewery. You won't be disappointed.

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Chris said...

Sadly, they will not brew the coffee brown ale again, they said. (Multiple times in e-mails, as well.)

I'm going to try and brew one. Daniel said he found a bunch of coffee extract at Cash and Carry, so this may be one of the next ones I try, after the Baby Dow Beer.

(And to vote on the Baby Dow Beer, visit http://blog.thedow.org/2008/08/07/21-year-baby-beer-poll-vote-now-or-forever-hold-your-peace/